MiNDS Maynooth Internet, Networking and Development Society

Minds is the Computer Society located in NUI Maynooth. As a society Minds offers a wide variety of services to all its users, as well as to all the other clubs and societies located within Maynooth University.

Website Under Construction

Monday 23 September 2013

Recently in MiNDS> we have been experiencing problems with some of the servers. Instead of continuing to patch it up, we are taking the opportunity now to rebuild major parts of the hosting network. As a result we will have bigger, faster hardware and a more stable & secure system.

Also as part of this work we will be doing some clean up of user data. Many users have websites that are vulnerable and in some cases even compromised. We'll starting a new policy that all users will have to ask for web space and we will have a more strict security regiment. Any website found to be compromised or to be using out of date version of software (e.g. wordpress, phpbb ) will be packaged up and removed from public view, pending further investigation.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact minds@nuimsu.com.

We hope to get through this work as quickly as possible(preferably before clubs and socs day).

Admin Team